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Aerospace and defense

Our solutions for secure radiocommunications, radiomonitoring and test and measurement support all branches of the armed forces in fulfilling their missions and help keep aviation safe.

Broadcast and media

As a partner of network operators, broadcasters, studios and consumer electronics manufacturers, we serve the entire transmission chain for audiovisual media with our technologically leading transmitters, audio/video headends, post production and T&M solutions.

Electronics industry

Rohde&Schwarz test and measurement equipment plays a key role in the development and production of electronic products of all kinds. Our EMC T&M equipment helps manufacturers ensure that their products are disturbance-free and electromagnetically compatible with their surroundings.

Wireless communications

We are the leading supplier of test and measurement equipment for the wireless communications industry. Our solutions smooth the way to 5G and a converged wireless world. All major developers and manufacturers of wireless devices and associated components rely on Rohde&Schwarz measuring instruments and systems.